Simple. Fast. Secure.
The Way Privacy Should Be.

You don’t let strangers peep through your window... Stop them from watching you online.

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of Americans are worried their online activities make it easier to steal their identity or have their finances compromised.

of Americans agree that advertising companies should not be able to collect data about them without their consent.

"My house used to be a utopia of information for trackers. Not anymore and I absolutely love it! Now our network activity and conversations remain private. That is one of the many reasons why this product is making me so thrilled!!" - Sean W

"Great investment. Thank you Winston for providing a product to take back my online privacy. I love how easy it was to see up and being able to personalize what I choose to do with my privacy. Definitely recommend!" - Brandon C

"Winston opened my eyes to the unfathomable amount of tracking, ad traffic and all-around crap between home and the internet. The difference is like day & night!" - Jack B

"I feel much more secure on the internet now with Winston protecting my data. No more tracking from anything you do not want tracking from, and that is glorious!" - David A

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Simple. Fast. Secure.
The Way Privacy Should Be.

You don’t let strangers watch you through the window... 

Stop them from watching you online 

"If you value your privacy and the ability to limit all the data that companies collect on your internet activity this is a must buy item." - Rakesh P

Real Privacy for the Real World

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Protect all Smart Home Devices

Cloak Your Identity

Hide Your Location

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Winston is a hardware filter that delivers true online privacy for a safe browsing experience

Winston is compatible with all your favorite streaming services and online games.

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